British scientists in graphene research

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, March 13 (Reporter Xu Haitao) – Professor at the University of Science and Technology of China Wu Hengan , Dr. Wang Feng Chao and Nobel Laureate in Physics , Professor Andre Anaheim cooperative research group , University of Manchester , UK , recent research graphene materials achieved a breakthrough , is expected to achieve rapid desalination and purification . Graphene unique mechanical and electrical properties are called “magic material” , but its interaction with water, it makes confusion: graphene repel water but immersed in water , but graphene capillary channel allows water to penetrate rapidly . Professor, Department of Modern Mechanics China University of Technology吴恒安long-term cooperation with the University of Manchester Institute scholar japonica latest findings indicate that the water environment graphene oxide film and water interaction , will form about 0.9 nanometers wide capillary channel , allowing the diameter ions or smaller molecules rapidly through the ion diameter greater than 0.9 nm is completely blocked. In other words, graphene oxide films with “quick precision screening ion” performance. Professor Wu Hengan research group theoretical analysis and molecular modeling methods to study the mechanism of ion channel graphene nano rapid filtration. Their computer simulation studies show that the interaction between graphene and ionic ions gathered in nanochannels , thus contributing to the rapid diffusion of ions. This finding reasonably explain the experimental results , also known as “ion sponge effect .” Experts said that if further compression of the film in the capillary channel size by mechanical means , will be able to efficiently filter salt from seawater . This means that within a few minutes you can make a cup of desalination into drinking water filtration device , is expected to become a reality. Recently, the international authoritative academic journal “Science ” published the study results and outlook commentary believes graphene oxide film is important in many separation applications , such as desalination and purification, sensor technology , and energy conversion and other areas, has broad application prospects.